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Raytheon Era

Series 3 - Deluxe Lectron Set

The Series 3 kit was the repackaged Electronic Dominoes Model no. 820. It sold for $33.50 when it was released in 1968.

As mentioned in the introductory page, Raytheon reused the Electronic Dominoes manual for the Series 1-3 models. The photos for the Series 2 and Series 3 kits do not reflect the production run packaging as shown above. At least the photos were updated using the white styrofoam packaging but note that the white tape on the middle row still says Lecton 820! The Series 1 kit page in the manual did not have a photo of the kit, just a list of the components.

After the supplementary manual no. 1 was published, Raytheon added it to all the Series kits. Raytheon added a red arrow sticker to show what the increase of the number of experiments was.

Raytheon also repurposed Series 2 packaging into Series 3 packaging by adding a Series 3 red sticker to cover up the Series 2 lettering.